Most know him as the most terrifying celebrity on television, many of us know him by his famous T.V. series Hellâ??s Kitchen; others by his extraordinary restaurants. His name brings fire to the kitchen, and not everyone is a fan. Gordon Ramsay has a spicy attitude and may very well be the most hated celebrity. Yet we are still drawn and amazed by his outrageous teaching methods, stern techniques and unsurpassed culinary talents.

Born in Scotland, Ramsay was raised in England since the age of 5. After not being able to pursue a career in football due to injuries, Ramsay decided to enroll in courses for Hotel Management. Looking back, Ramsay describes his decision to enter catering as an accident; an accident that unknowingly lead to his fame. After working as an apprentice chef, Ramsay decided to venture to London in hopes of becoming a top chef. He became truly inspired after working under well-known chef, Marco Pierre White at a restaurant called Harveys.

Ramsay worked at Harveyâ??s almost 3 years until becoming weary of the stress and bullying the job entailed, seeming to have set the irony for years to come. This lead to Ramsayâ??s decision to take interest in French cuisine. He was invited to work with great chef, Albert Roux at Hotel Diva in the French Alps. From there he moved to Paris where he worked and trained for three years under two Michelin-star chefs, Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon. Endured with too much mental and physical stress, Ramsay took a year off working as a personal chef. Perhaps he enjoyed being his own boss, as we well know he is THE boss in every kitchen.

In 1993 Ramsay stepped back into the fiery kitchen becoming head chef of a new restaurant in London called Aubergine. From this, Ramsay was rewarded two Michelin stars in a matter of three years. Now his acclaim was really building! Ramsay aspired to open his own restaurant and in 1998 this dream came true. He opened his restaurant in Chelsea London, naming it Gordon Ramsay on Royal Hospital Road. Ramsay went on to win 3 Michelin stars within 3 years of itâ??s opening. In year 2000 he won â??Chef of the Yearâ? at the Catey Awards. From there he opened some of the most prestigious restaurants in London including Gordon Ramsay at Claridgeâ??s, Pétrus and The Savoy Grill.

In 2000 Ramsay went global, introducing his first international restaurant known as Verre in Dubai Hilton Creek Hotel. He expanded across the country from Tokyo to New York, becoming one of the most well-known and respected chefs in the world. In 2006 he was accredited the Order of British Empire (OBE) honours list for his achievements in the hospitality industry. In 2006 Ramsay also won the â??Independent Restaurateur of the Yearâ? Catey award, the most highly honored award of the UK hospitality industry. In September 2006 he was recognized as the most influential person in the UK, making this one of his most accomplished years as a chef.

Everyone seemed to adore the work of chef Gordon Ramsayâ?¦so, how has he become one of the most hated celebrities in the world? In 2004 Ramsay starred in a UK hit series Ramsayâ??s Kitchen Nightmares, in which Ramsay would pinpoint troubled restaurants and be challenged to improve them in just one week. As you can imagine, to be under the rule of Ramsay surely made that quite the proper title.

Chef Ramsay continues to slice and dice his lower-class chefs during his most popular series to date. Prompted a US reality TV show in 2005, his latest television showdown is known as Hellâ??s Kitchen. This consisted of contestants being trained by Ramsay to become a star chef. Sure, Ramsay is an extremely talented chef, but itâ??s not called Hellâ??s Kitchen because heâ??s a â??hell of a cookâ?. With his fiery temperament, Ramsay creates a working atmosphere that is comparable to hell for the other cooks who share the kitchen with him. He is outspoken, uses inordinate methods, and is feared by all who enter his kitchen. The audience indulges in his need for perfection and red hot temper. You just canâ??t peel your eyes away from the screen as he screams at even the most timid yet talented chef. This mix of fear and commotion makes for a entertaining hit series made obvious by Hellâ??s Kitchen recent premiere of its 9th series.

Ramsay is also known for his British series The F-word, a cooking show launched in 2005. He has starred in the following programs such as being a judge and producer on US program MasterChef, a star of a travelogue called Gordonâ??s Great Escape, and a host of the series Ramsayâ??s Best Restaurants. Ramsay has also made numerous guest appearances on network television ranging from CNN to American Idol. His current series may make him a hated man by some, but it sure has confirmed his place in the spotlight for years to come.

Today, Ramsay remains one of the greatest and most accomplished chefs known throughout world. He has won 12 Michelin awards and created many hit series throughout his lifetime. He continues to be invited into our homes through his T.V. series, documentaries, and one-of-kind meals. His explosive personality and fierce charisma has captured, and broken, many hearts across the globe. Ramsay has created a love-hate relationship with his audience that keeps us coming back for more. His influential and controversial methods have made it apparent that some do like it hot in the kitchen.