Frank Scoblete has been a contributing writer to Southern Gaming for over 10 years and is one of the worldâ??s most educated gamblers. Check out his website,       What was your first gambling experience? I was doing the role of a degenerate craps player in The Only Game in Town by Frank Gilroy. I knew nothing about craps and I had never been in a casino. My co-star and I went to Atlantic City to learn the game. I met the Captain, fell in love with casinos and the rest is history. Oh, and I married my co-star, the beautiful A.P.   At what point did you know you had a passion for craps and advantage gambling? It was love at first sight. I was a good athlete as a kid and the competitive nature of the games intrigued me.   How do you stay on top of trends and strategies to inform your audience of winning techniques? I am an active player and I do a lot of research into new concepts and ideas â?? most of which, I hate to say, turn out to be nonsense. I am always looking for ways to get an edge or reduce the house edge to its lowest in games where a player canâ??t get an edge.   Whatâ??s your best advice for enjoying a night in a casino? Be strict about how much money you are willing to play with. If you lose that, then you are done for the night. Look to play games where the house edge is as low as it can go, such as blackjack and craps. Slow down the pace of your play.   What is the number one mistake you see recreational casino gamblers make? Staying too long at the party. Players sometimes forget themselves; they drink too much and play too long. Many players get shook when they lose and try to recover by betting larger amounts. If you want to gamble for fun in a casino, donâ??t allow your emotions to rule your intellect.   Do you use a certain bankroll or money management system when you are at the casino? I was taught this by the late, legendary Captain of craps â?? always have a large bankroll for a small bet. You never want to worry that you are betting Bettyâ??s college fund. Small bets; large bankroll. Thatâ??s first. Second is to have a money-market account for your gambling money. I call this a 401G where the â??Gâ? stands for gambling. You can add to the account on a regular basis, but never use money geared for other things.   Can you really control the dice in craps? Yes. But many people think that a dice controller always wins. Not so. Dice controllers practice regularly and are fully aware they can take a pounding.   On a $10 craps table, if you had a bankroll of $500, how would you advise someone to bet? You are playing a random game. Bet one bet. I would recommend a $10 Pass Line bet with as much as you can afford in odds (or a Come bet with odds) after getting through the 5-Count and leave it at that.   HOMETOWN: New York AGE: 65 INTERESTS OTHER THAN GAMBLING: Writing FAVORITE SPORTS TEAMS: NY Yankees FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT: Cape May, New Jersey TWO THINGS ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Huge readership for my upcoming book, Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned: Confessions of a Wayward Catholic Finish my odyssey of visiting all baseball parks in America â?? Iâ??ll be at 10 by the end of this summer. FAVORITE BOOK EVER: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain FAVORITE MOVIE: â??Itâ??s a Wonderful Lifeâ? FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Motown HOW DO YOU RELAX? I read books, watch movies and travel