Blackjack: Playing Your Hand Correctly

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino. It is easy to learn, but difficult to master. By playing correct basic strategy, the player can narrow the house edge to a minimum and really make a great run at a winning session.

In this column, blackjack pro Henry Tamburin gives some tips on how to be come a better blackjack player and how to utilize better basic strategy.

Blackjack: Tournament Tips

blackjackAs the popularity of blackjack continues to rise, there are more and more casinos offering mini- and major-blackjack tournaments than ever. If you know the basics of blackjack, you are already well on your way, but knowing some of the basics of tournaments just might help get you to that final seat!

This article offers you a guide to follow to make you competitive in your next blackjack tournament.

Casino Confidential: Things you should never do!

p18_crapspic-webCasino games are full of judgment calls with what plays you should make. Should a blackjack player hit hard 16? Yes, if the dealer’s face up card is 7 or higher, but not if it’s 6 or lower. Should a Three Card Poker player match the ante with a play bet? Yes, if the hand is Queen-6-4 or better, but not with lesser cards. But there are absolutes, too. And many of those absolutes are absolutely not’s.

Here are a few things you should NEVER do in a casino….

Blackjack : The Martingale Misconception

blackjackThere are many ways to play advantage blackjack. You can practice card counting, wager amounts, betting systems and more. One common mis-conception is that by doubling your bet each time you lose, until you win, is a good way to insure you never lose…wrong!

In this article, blackjack expert Henry Tamburin explains why this is the worst way to wager at the blackjack table!