Bok Homa Casino

Heidelberg, Mississippi


If you find your way to Heidelberg, Mississippi, a small town born of the timber and railroad industry, you just might make your way to the Bok Homa Casino and there youâ??ll find Luckyâ??s Restaurant. Bok Homa is owned by the same tribe as Pearl River (The Choctaw Nation) but is a more relaxed setting than a full-scale casino. The restaurant is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and mainly offers all the American fare someone with a serious case of the munchies could ask for.

Burgers, dogs, wings, fries, subs, pizzas and sandwiches are all there for the earnestly hungry, but there are a few offerings that might get your attention. If you somehow missed the fact that this is a Deep South restaurant youâ??ll know it when you see the Ham Biscuit Basket on the menu. Folks take their biscuits very seriously in this part of the world and a slice of cured ham in a fluffy biscuit is a tradition that should be tried.

Deep frying is also a cooking technique that the South has been in love with for generations and is well represented at Luckyâ??s; chicken tenders, French fries, shrimp and onion rings are all done just right and will take the bite off that empty stomach.

There are two items on the menu that donâ??t seem Deep South at all, but they fit in nicely. The Chicago style hot dog, a steamed dog with obligatory poppy seed bun is one of the best hot dog combinations in the country and the capicola sub, of Italian heritage, is a great addition as well. This menu is diverse enough to be practical any time of the day or night whether youâ??re in a rush or youâ??ve got time on your hands.