My mother always believed in proper manners. She wanted me to be respectful of othersâ?? feelings and to keep my mouth shut if I didnâ??t have something decent to say. Of course, she didnâ??t think I should just roll over if someone were nasty to me but you get the picture, I shouldnâ??t be the â??bore in the roomâ? without strong provocation.

Iâ??ve more or less kept to my motherâ??s manners dictum. No doubt I have written my share of articles and chapters in my books where I attack certain gambling ideas that are patently false and if truth be told, Iâ??ve been somewhat unkind to the sad sacks who postulate those ideas. But I am generally a decent sort and when I play craps I adhere to all the superstitions that other players believe do in fact make a difference.

I think my playing technique should be the behavioral norm â?? and it is for many players â?? but there are so many other craps players who are â??barbarians at the gatesâ? and make the game somewhat trying for the rest of us.

So here we go, all the things you should avoid doing when you play craps. I call these Mommyâ??s Manners.

1. Do not whine and moan about your losses. Other players donâ??t really care if you win or lose. They are interested in their own bets, not yours. No single player is the center of the craps universe; even the shooter is merely a part of the whole shebang..

2. Do not slap the shooter on the back or yell up into his nose so he smells your beer and garlic breath. If he is having a good roll and you are making money you can clap if he hits a number youâ??re on. Respect the body area of the shooter.

3. Do not slam your fist down on the railing or scream or moan or become a mess if someone sevens out. Everyone sevens out. Just keep your disappointments to yourself.

4. Do not buy in or color up when the shooter is holding the dice. Also, arrange your chips by denomination so the dealers donâ??t have to waste time doing so.

5. Do not throw bets onto the layout when the shooter has the dice.

6. Know what bets you have on the table. Do not slow the game down arguing over this or that bet. You should know exactly what you are wagering and also what those wagers pay should you win them. A lot of time can be wasted by shooters not remembering what bets they made.

7. If you wish to increase or decrease your winning bet, you do so when you are paid for that bet. Donâ??t wait for the payments to be made all around the table before you press or increase or decrease your wager.

8. The dealers know the proper order of payouts. No need to ask when you are going to get paid. They will get to you.

9. When you are shooting you must keep the arc of the dice below the stickmanâ??s eyes. He is responsible for following the dice in the air and also checking the proposition (Crazy Crapper) bets in the center of the table.

10. Take some care with throwing the dice. Players whose dice constantly land in the dealersâ?? chip piles, often knocking these over, can delay the game and annoy the other players.

11. Do not give instruction in the game to other players. Do not tell them how to bet or how much to bet. If a new player enters the game and asks for advice tell him to ask the dealers.

12. Do not hold your drink over the table. A spilled drink stops the game until the crew can clean off the table.

13. Do not blow on the dice. Aside from being disgusting, no one wants to hold dice that might have your germs on them.

14. Feel free to set the dice in any configuration you please but learn to do so quickly. Dice setters who take months to arrive at their set are annoying to everyone at the table.

15. Do not mention the word â??sevenâ? as many superstitious craps players think this will cause the seven to appear.

Okay there are 15 things to keep in mind when you play. A good craps player should never want to become an annoying craps player. So obey my mommy.


by Frank Scoblete

Frank Scoblete is a best-selling casino gambling writer. His newest book is Confessions of a Wayward Catholic. Frankâ??s books are available on and Kindle, in bookstores or mail order. Call 1.800.944.0406 or visit