P18_shutterstock_14871_optIn last yearâ??s Super Bowl, it was Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos vs. Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. The point spread was Denver -2 points. No matter if you took the points with Seattle or laid them with Denver, the game was a blowout and was impossible to hold oneâ??s attention for the entire contest. But when the going gets the boring, the bored get betting. Who needs to rely on the traditional outcome-based wager when the wonder that is prop bets is ready for your coin and concentration.

Want to know more? Read on, my gambling friend.

Prop bets, like how many times Peyton Manning will say â??Omahaâ? (over 27.5 at -135, under 27.5 at -105) are great for entertainment value at any Super Bowl. Especially to keep your attention through the entire game. It starts with the coin toss and ends with â??what will the last score beâ? or â??will the last score be anything other than a touchdown.â? Itâ??s three and half hours of action-packed dramas, cheering and yelling, and it has the potential for much added value (profits) throughout the game.

For recreational and serious handicappers, there are hundreds of Super Bowl props that give bettors the opportunity to bet on the game in exactly the way they see it playing out. Itâ??s real-time betting.

Point spread props give betting fans the chance to earn better payouts on the game, if they believe that the main point spread is not in their favor. It was clear to anyone who did the research that Peyton Manning consistently struggles in the cold weather. Bettors who believed that Manning would struggle playing in the cold against Seattleâ??s elite defense may not have been happy with just betting the Seahawks on the money line at +115 or taking the +2 points at even money. Instead, they could bet on the Seattle Seahawks -3.5 at +180, Seattle -7.5 at +350, Seattle -10.5 at +500 or Seattle -17.5 at +1000. I thought the Seahawks would score before they would punt so I was willing to risk $100 to win $150.
Some of last yearâ??s most popular Super Bowl prop bets:

  1. Total QB sacks by Seahawk defense:
    Over 1.5 to win +110
  2. Will either team score three straight times?
    Yes/No to win +155
  3. Will Peyton Manning thrown an interception?
    No at +180
  4. Largest lead by any team:
    13.5 points or greater for +150
  5. Will there be a safety?
    Yes to win +155
  6. Last score of the game will be â??any other scoreâ? than a TD: +175
  7. Will the Seahawks convert a fourth down attempt?
    Yes pays +155
  8. Which will happen first: Seahawks score or punt? +150
  9. Total rushing yeards by Marshawn Lynch:
    O/U 92.5 yards -110
  10. Total rushing yards by Russell Wilson:
    O/U by 30.5 yards -110

There are more than 350 props available for wagering. They will make the game fly by and if you do your own â??game planâ? correctly, large payouts are in the equation.


A few others available to bet were:

* â??Will there be a successful two-point conversion attempt?â?
Bet yes and collect +350 if it wins.

* â??Will the game go into overtimeâ? is a nice long shot and overdue to hit.

For this yearâ??s Super Bowl and to get a jump start on your friends and be the life of the party, bet these as examples and watch the fun (and profits) begin.

They will get you through the first half of the first quarter. Just imagine an entire game at â??propâ? speed.

  1. Will the singer of the National Anthem forget or omit at least one word? Yes +250
  2. Will the coin toss be heads or tails?
    Bet heads for +100
  3. Will there be a safety?
    Yes +900
  4. Will the opening kick-off result in a touchback?
    Bet no +145
  5. Will there be a score in the first 2:30 seconds of the game? Bet yes +500
  6. Will the team that scored first win the game?
    Bet yes +350
  7. Will the first 1st down in the game be a pass play or a
    run play? Run play +135
  8. Will the first score of the game be a rushing TD?
    Bet yes +500


A little added history: The biggest odds-makerâ??s upset in Super Bowl History was Super Bowl XIII, between Pittsburg and Dallas. It was called â??Black Sundayâ? in Las Vegas for casinos.

The line opened Pittsburgh -3.5. So much money was coming in on the Steelers that the odds makers moved the points to Pittsburgh -4.5 to draw in some Dallas Cowboy money. After two late Staubach passes erasing a 35-17 score, the final score of Black Sunday Super Bowl XIII (13) was 35-31 and those with Pittsburgh -3.5 bets won and those with Dallas +4.5 points won and most LV Sportsbook Directors headed out to jump off of Hoover Dam.

Now you get the idea of how much more fun and entertaining you can make Super Bowl Sunday by adding Super Bowl props (and of course profits).

And as always, youâ??ll find all the props and my advice listed at WinningEDGE.com.

Have a great and prosperous Super Bowl.