The Silver Slipper Casino is nestled in the southernMississippicoastline amongSouth Beach Boulevard, Bayou Caddy and theMississippi Sound. But itâ??s not a lonely location by any means. If you arrive just before 4 pm, youâ??ll notice a lively crowd, but youâ??ll also see a line forming in the rear of the casino filled with eager faces anxious to dine at the Jubilee Buffetâ??one of the Southâ??s premiere casino-dining establishments.

The buffet is divided smartly into themed serving stations, so that even when crowded the lines are evenly dispersed. The salad bar, with stone accents and tile panels, is decorated with a floral hat that is the centerpiece of the buffet. It allows access to all four sides and offers everything fresh and healthy a salad lover might want.

The Asian station, trimmed in stained wood and warmly colored tiles, offers great stir-fried entrees with bright green and yellow peppers and spicy red onions. The sweet-and-sour chicken is fragrant and highlighted with scallions and sesame seeds. The steamed wontons look to be fresh from a sidewalk stall in an Asian market and are complete with a green garnish that is the sort of extra touch you will find frequently at the Jubilee Buffet.

The offerings with a Southern flair are comfort food with the greens and fresh vegetables youâ??d expect, but there are fried fish and hushpuppies, too. A brisket waits to be carved and there are BBQ ribs, sausage and chicken hot off the grill. Next in line is a fresh-baked pizza and then seemingly endless trays of crab legs. For those who crave Mexican food, there are always the fixings for tacos and even cornhusk-wrapped tamales. And, if youâ??re thinking of something fromItaly, youâ??ll find scrumptious cooked-to-order pastas and sauces.

This buffetâ??s weekly specials change from French to Greek to German and lots in between. The holiday selections feature root-beer-glazed ham and a steamship round of beef, as well as the traditional turkey with all the trimmings.

The Silver Slipper has made itself remarkable in many ways but Food and Beverage Director David Pipkin understands that the quality of the service has to match the quality of the food served. Chances are you wonâ??t find him in his third floor office. Heâ??ll be watching from the sidelines, ensuring things go the way they should and, if there is a stumble, heâ??s going to make it right. David grew up in this business working the front of the house. So he leaves the cooking to his cadre of chefs and kitchen professionals and concentrates on upholding the high standards on which he insists. Thatâ??s why the Jubilee Buffet serves 40,000 happy guests a month and as many as 800 for Sunday brunch.

If youâ??re looking for a fine-dining restaurant, Chef Sean Daigle, whoâ??s worked atCommandersPalaceand Mr. Bâ??s Bistro inNew Orleans, invites you to the Blue Bayou Bar & Grill. Not only will you find elegant tables and a menu that stands up to any inNew Orleans, youâ??ll find a beautiful view of the Mississippi Sound and theGulf of Mexico, as well.

This restaurant was intended to offer the solid menu that oldLas Vegaswas famous forâ??elegantly prepared foods in serving sizes to please any appetite. David Pipkin knows the leftovers you carry home are a great marketing tool. Youâ??ll be thinking of the Blue Bayou the next day when you enjoy his food again.

The king crab legs are served with clarified butter, a cloth ensconced wedge of lemon, and huge green beans that are nothing short of sensational. Select a bottle of wine from the 85-strong wine list, 25 of which are available by the glass, and youâ??ll think youâ??re the luckiest person in bayou country. The prime rib is thick cut, perfectly cooked and comes with a cheese-baked potato that is almost a meal in itself. Try this with a red wine and youâ??ll be home free. The Eggplant Mason is stacked high with lump crabmeat and graced with a Béarnaise sauce. The Lollipop Lamb Chops are supposed to be a starter; but, presented on a bed of mushroom couscous, theyâ??re a full meal for one. The Caprese Salad is bright with fresh red tomatoes, thick slices of buffalo mozzarella and green basil leaves; and, as every dish served in this house, it is elegantly plated. You just canâ??t slip out the door without trying the Double-Chocolate Fudge Brownies, even if you have to split it with a friend.

David Pipkin and his staff of culinary professionals have accomplished a rare balance in these Silver Slipper restaurants. Quality is their standardâ??quality ingredients, masterfully cooked food and impeccable service. David jokes that the Slipper is at the end of the road; so to speak, but itâ??s at the top of the list of casino choices for culinary adventures.

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Julian Brunt is a culinary writer and photographer who contributes a weekly food article to the Sun Herald News Paper inBiloxi,Mississippi, Beach Blvd Magazine and several other regional magazines. His restaurant reviews can be found in the Mississippi Newcomers and Visitors Guide and he recently published a cookbook, The Biloxi Seafood Cookbook in conjunction with the Maritime andSeafoodIndustryMuseum. Mr. Bruntâ??s Southern roots are more than three hundred years old.