We are in the throes of one of the most exciting football seasons in recent memory. There have been issues with the referees, players and coaches, and picking games is the toughest it has ever been. So I have provided four helpful tips to get you on track for a winning season.

1. Professional Football Handicappers

If you are frustrated with your inability to make a consistent profit betting on football, then you have probably made the decision to start using football betting professionals.

Professional sports handicappers offer a valuable service to those who donâ??t have the time or simply do not know how to do the research necessary to win. Just like hedge fund managers, professional sports handicappers live in front of their computers looking at numbers, analyzing numbers and dissecting numbers. And of course, they talk to a lot of people-bettors, Vegas wiseguys, scouts and other professionals. There are very reputable professionals out there, but no matter how good they are, no one is always successful in betting. No sports handicapper or professional gambler can be profitable all of the time. What you should look for is consistency in their results.


2. Money Management

If you are like me, then you are wagering (or as I call it, investing) on the NFL to make money. Sure, betting adds a lot of excitement to watching NFL games and is a lot of fun, but I bet solely to make money over the course of the season. I would not do it unless I could profit from it. If I wanted a hobby, Iâ??d play golf!

If you are at all serious about sports betting then you know that money management is the key to long-term success. It doesnâ??t matter how many winners you can pick if you eventually go broke with the biggest bet. Donâ??t bet what you canâ??t afford to lose. Always put your family and the important things in life before your wagersâ??mortgage, groceries, car payments, your kidâ??s college fund all come first). Betting what you canâ??t afford doesnâ??t make it any more exciting. It just makes you reckless and could eventually land you in a lot of trouble. Remember, â??going for broke generally leaves you broke.â?

Itâ??s paramount to keep an eye on your betting budget. Money management is unquestionably the single most important aspect of sports betting.


3. Contrarian Betting

Iâ??m a Contrarian bettor (or as I prefer, â??investorâ?). That means I almost always wager the team that others arenâ??t willing to bet on. Iâ??m a big believer in going against the public, often referred to as â??squaresâ? in this industry. The masses of â??squaresâ? are generally wrong, most of the time.

If you bet Contrarian, you are not always going to win, but in the long run you will win a large percentage of the time. Sometimes gambling is easy, simply bet on the team the public is betting against.

One reason for that failure rate is the public loves to bet parlays and teasers. With sports betting there are many good quality or value bets, there are a great deal of poor value bets, and there are also â??sucker betsâ? where wagers overwhelmingly favor the bookmaker or the house (meaning odds are stacked up against you). Many of these odds may look tempting, almost too good to be true, especially when you get to move the spreads in your favor with â??teaser bets.â?

However, there is a reason they are called â??teasersâ?. They are there to tempt bettors into making dumb decisions. Teasers are often sucker bets and the books want you to fall for this trap. They want you to think you have a good chance of winning big money, without the big down payment. Donâ??t force bets because you want action and want to make NFL games more exciting. If you want to make a profit this NFL season, find a few good plays each weekend and bet them with a maximum of 2-3% of your bankroll (practice money management).


4. Think Like an Oddsmaker

The Las Vegas Oddsmakers take a lot of football stats into consideration when setting the point spread on each game, but the biggest factor they consider is where the publicâ??s money is going. Football bettors need to be aware of key numbers, as well as injuries and matchups. Key numbers indicate the margin of victory (or defeat) most common in the NFL. Key numbers in football betting can indicate what the oddsmakers are trying to do with a particular point spread and how impactful a line movement is. They also consider the perception of the two teams. They love to overvalue or undervalue teams based on how you saw them play last week. They also put emphasis on scheduling. They take into account if a team is on the road for two weeks in a row, or if this weekâ??s non-conference game is sandwiched between two conference rivalry games. Oddsmakers also want to know who the team is playing next week, or if they on a short week, with a look-ahead game coming up. There are dozens of factors that go into creating a line (or point spread) that is hard to beat.


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Wayne Allyn Root is one of the most-honored professional sports handicappers and Vegas oddsmakers in the world. This national handicapping champion has been profiled by CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and Fortune, among others, and he is the only sports handicapper or oddsmaker to have a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Wayne is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, TV and radio host, television producer and founder/creator of WinningEDGE.com, a world-renowned sports handicapping website. Visit www.WinningEDGE.com for Wayneâ??s exclusive advice, analyses and game-winning picks!