Online Poker: Who Are The Biggest Losers?

The folks from Two Plus Two posed an interesting question this weekend: Who are the biggest losers in online poker?

Full Tilt Poker should be thrilled. Most of the biggest losers play with them.

Sure they’re the number two biggest online poker room in the world, but PokerStars has only a single biggest loser among the top 20.

Matatuk, Beardos, Brian Townsend and Patrik Antonius all rank among the top 5 biggest losers in online poker. Matutuk is down $1.5 million so far. (more…)

Playing Too Many Starting Poker Hands


Providing tips on starting poker hands, professional poker player Matthew Hilger discusses how to make better preflop decisions and points out many flaws in beginner to intermediate players’ poker game.

This is the first article in a series that I am calling the Top 10 Mistakes of Online Players. In each article I will be speaking about a particular common mistake. These are the mistakes that make it easy to separate the men from the boys or the women from the girls. When I see one of these mistakes from a player I can start to generalize about their overall play. These are the mistakes from opponents that make poker such a profitable game.