With more an more believer in superstitions everyday, we have found some of the more popular ones for the ever popular game of craps. Some might sound familiar. Keep these in mind the next time you roll the dice.

Never call out the number seven. It’s like the dice have ears and since most players play the pass line, seven is bad after the point is established. It’s also a good way to get the other players at the table mad at you. If you need to call for it, then call it by its nickname, big red.

Don’t let the dice hit you when they are rolling. The shooter at the other end of the table has the dice and tosses them to your end while you’re making a bet. The dice hit your hand and come up a seven. Another bad mistake. Everyone at the table will be mad at you. Make your bets early and listen for the stickman to call out “the shooter has the dice” or something to signal to raise your hands.

When the dice go off the table, always request the same dice. Many people believe that changing the dice will cause a disruption in the flow of the game and therefore cause a seven out. To avoid this, they request the same dice. If the dice are hot, then stick with the same dice.

When calling for an eleven to be rolled, call for it by its craps nickname, yo. The only time you really want an eleven to be rolled is on the come-out roll. Calling it by its nickname seems to make it more likely the eleven will be rolled. At least it gets you involved in the game with the other players and hides the fact you’re a beginner.

Craps rolls come in pairs. It seems like once one craps roll occurs, then the very next roll will be another craps. You’ll often see people make the “any craps” bet after the first craps roll.

A woman who’s a beginner will always have a good first turn as a shooter. Lady Luck will shine when a woman playing craps for the first time throws the dice. You should bet the pass line if the shooter is a woman, just in case she’s a rookie.

Never play at a craps table by yourself. The reason no one is playing at that table is because it’s cold. Playing alone won’t change the table’s luck. Instead, find a table with a good number of players and a lot of noise. These are the tables that are hot.

Try to throw the dice so they roll as little as possible. It’s believed that the more the dice actually tumble, the more chance they have of coming up seven.

You have better luck when you throw the dice off the mirror on the table. Many craps players believe that if you shoot the dice off the mirror, the dice will land favorably for the players. The mirror on the craps table is located on the opposite wall from the dealers. Casino personnel will discourage this activity because it damages the dice and the mirror.

After the point is established, you always place the points opposite. The odds are the same as hitting the point or hitting its opposite, so many believe that the opposite will have a greater chance of coming up than the point. Here are the possible points and their opposites: point of four, opposite ten; point of five, opposite nine; point of six, opposite eight; point of eight, opposite six; point of nine, opposite five; point of ten, opposite four. Pairs of opposites always add up to fourteen.