Triple Crown Track Comparisons: Finding the Bias

P23_PimlicoPicThe Triple Crown is the most exciting combination of thoroughbred races in the world. Consisting of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes, the trail is grueling but the rewards are endless. Each racetrack has its own unique characteristics that require different running styles and race strategy. In this article, we break down some of those differences to find the silver lining to help you handicap with confidence. Good Luck!

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Review a Casino: Let us know what you thought!

How was your casino visit? Let us know!

We would love to hear your feedback from casino visits so that we can share them with other gaming enthusiasts. It’s fast and easy…and you could win prizes! Check it out!

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Craps: Ruining Your Fun

Okay, this column might ruin your fun if you are a craps player. That is correct. As a busy-bodied gambling writer I want everyone to see craps the way I see it because, well, I am right.

First, as craps players know and as many novices hovering near the table can readily see, craps has such a variety of bets that it can give a new player a headache. Watching players throwing out their chips and calling out weird names (“I’ll take a C and E.” “Give me a Yo for five dollars!” “All the hard ways my man!”) will make many…

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French Lick Resort: A Historic Experience

French Lick Resort is the Midwest’s premier resort destination. Located in the southern portion of Indiana, the resort offers two luxurious hotels, three championship-style golf courses, a casino and fourteen dining venues all surrounded by a quaint town in the middle of Indiana, you’ll find a great retreat for adults, or a family affair.

Be sure to check out this fantastic piece of American history!

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Midwest Roadside Distractions: What they are and where you’ll find them!

Roadside--DinosaurYou’re driving along the highway and BAM, there’s a big bottle of catsup! Or an over sized dinosaur. These larger than life roadside attractions stretch from coast to coast and as you zip by at 75 miles per hour, a thought might run through your mind, ‘I wonder what that’s all about?’

Well, we are excited to highlight a few fun Roadside Distractions of the Midwest posing as great spots to stop, gas up and stretch the legs for a bit. Enjoy!

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