2017 NFL Season Preview: Are You Ready For Some Football?

With the NFL season right around the corner, it feels like the night before Christmas. How have your favorite teams improved their rosters since last season? Are there key match-ups that you can’t wait for? We are excited to unveil our 2017 NFL Preview outlining some of the rookies we are excited about, veterans and trades, must see match-ups and a few fantasy finds we think you’ll like. So gear up and get ready … because we’re ready for some football!

NFL Future Odds a Sure Bet – The Lines Released for 2017 Season

Sometimes the best value bets are future ranging in options from who will win the Super Bowl almost a year away, or the first week of NFL games. Thanks to online sportsbook, BetOnline.ag, bettors can get started finding the best values with the opening line odds. Sportsbook Brand Manager Dave Mason has released the opening lines for the 2017 NFL season – to win Super Bowl LII, Week 1 odds and a variety of season prop bets including perfect season, perfect “bad” season (0-16), will any game end in a tie (definitely liking the YES for this one) and more. Good luck in finding the value!

Props and Profits – The Proper Way to Bet this Year’s Super Bowl

P18_shutterstock_thumbnailIn last yearâ??s Super Bowl, it was Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos vs. Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. The point spread was Denver -2 points. No matter if you took the points with Seattle or laid them with Denver, the game was a blowout and was impossible to hold oneâ??s attention for the entire contest. But when the going gets the boring, the bored get betting. Who needs to rely on the traditional outcome-based wager when the wonder that is prop bets is ready for your coin and concentration.

Baseball: Betting Early Season

April is a tricky month for part-time sports bettors, but it is high time someone stepped into the spotlight and told the world â?¦ â??Baseball ainâ??t so bad!â? As March Madness comes to an end and the NBA season winds into the Playoffs (which does, conveniently,...

Sports Betting: NBA Playoff Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Specifically, after about five months of sitting around spoiling in the cupboard cold. The concept at hand is, of course, NBA Playoff Revenge. There are very few motivating factors stronger than exacting revenge on the team that...