Baseball: Betting Early Season

April is a tricky month for part-time sports bettors, but it is high time someone stepped into the spotlight and told the world â?¦ â??Baseball ainâ??t so bad!â?

As March Madness comes to an end and the NBA season winds into the Playoffs (which does, conveniently, stretch into June), there can be a desire in many to put the pencils down, turn the television to CNN, and take a four-month hiatus from placing a wager. There are, however, a handful of methods to make money in baseball, and at no point in the season are those angles more easily exploited than at the beginning.


Super Bowl Betting: Winning Wagers and Hot Action

Everything you know is wrong. Or, more accurately, everything you know every other day of the year is wrong. On Super Bowl Sunday, the bet most sharp minds generally avoid like the plague is actually the best wager on the card.

Take the favorite on the money line.

Let the rest of the world push and pull for hours, days and weeks, while you take the play that has had its price deflated by every $10, $50 and $100 wager placed on this fine planet during the two weeks leading up to the fateful Sunday.

The story is simple, but it is worth exploring. Fundamentally, books move lines based on a few key factors. If you are reading this article, you likely already know the main ones, but for posterity, a line generally shifts based on either key news (such as injuries, weather and other notes), or money. Large quantities of money being bet on one side of a line will force the bookmaker to move the line in the direction of the money, so as to induce action on the opposite side, and balance the ledger. Equal action on both sides of a line means a guaranteed win for the books, and that is, obviously, the optimal situation for those taking action. Most weeks, and even right down to most days, this is perfectly achievable.


Sports Betting: NBA Playoff Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Specifically, after about five months of sitting around spoiling in the cupboard cold.

The concept at hand is, of course, NBA Playoff Revenge.

There are very few motivating factors stronger than exacting revenge on the team that ended anotherâ??s season. No other scenario in sports has the ability to concentrate emotion so profoundly. A playoff series involves multiple games against the same team. They are often five, six or even seven games long, each frothing with adrenaline and testosterone, as one team stares into the eyes of the same players each and every night. The fact that more playoff series are not pock-marked with punches is a testament to the game itself as the hard fouls start to wear on both the body and mind, and the claws are always on the brink of coming out.



Sports Betting: Money Lines & Halftime Action

Every year, the crowning of the National Basketball Association champion, followed by the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, is the precursor leading into the greatest time of the year â?? football season. Before the explosion of being able to wager online, football betting was done via a phone call to the local bookie who had certain hours, little options and a fraction of what is available now when betting sports. For this monthâ??s article, we look at some areas to gamble that, before the Internet, were basically non-existent or not offered by an average bookie.


Betting Baseball: Money Lines and Winning Tips

Baseball is one of Americaâ??s favorite sports. Where else can you relax and enjoy cold beverages, indulge in just about any junk food imaginable and have the excitement of home runs, close calls â?¦ and a little wagering?

While betting on Americaâ??s pastime is not nearly as popular in the sports books as football or basketball, there are still plenty of opportunities to make money with a long season and multiple games every day. Baseball, among a few other sports like boxing, auto racing, soccer and hockey, typically uses what is called a money line to wager on each individual game. While at first, money lines may be intimidating to the average bettor, most beginners find them easy to understand once they start using them. (more…)

Betting Football: Preseason Primer

Football season is upon us, and with all the variables needed to handicap (coaches, players, rules, etc.) always changing, there are numerous betting tips that have stood the test of time. Below you will find some of my personal handicapping concepts I always look at when breaking down the NFL card.

Key Numbers: 3 and 7 are without question the most important numbers in the NFL. The secondary ones to remember are 1, 4, 6, 10, 13, 14, with the distant â??key numberâ? relatives being 11 and 17. These are the numbers that have the highest probability of being the margin of victory. About 14 percent (or 1 in 7) of NFL games land on 3 points. It is also important to avoid some traps that people fall into, such as taking a +7.5 -110 underdog on an alternate line at +9 1/2 points but being forced to lay big juice. (more…)