Triple Crown Track Comparisons: Finding the Bias

P22_ChurchillOver the last 15 years, the post-time favorite has won the Preakness nine times. That’s a winning percentage of 60 percent.

When it comes to Triple Crowns, I have been trackside for every near-miss over the last two decades. From Silver Charm in 1997 to California Chrome in 2014, and the seven others that fell between. Like many who follow the Sport of Kings closely, there was a piece of me that thought it would never happen again. Then, on June 6, 2015, an equine named American Pharoah blazed across Belmont Park;s sandy straightaway, straight into history. At long last, the wait was finally over. After a 37 year drought, Thoroughbred racing finally had its twelfth Triple Crown Champion.


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Craps: Ruining Your Fun

Okay, this column might ruin your fun if you are a craps player. That is correct. As a busy-bodied gambling writer I want everyone to see craps the way I see it because, well, I am right.

First, as craps players know and as many novices hovering near the table can readily see, craps has such a variety of bets that it can give a new player a headache. Watching players throwing out their chips and calling out weird names (“I’ll take a C and E.” “Give me a Yo for five dollars!” “All the hard ways my man!”) will make many a wishful thinking would-be players scoot right back over to the slots. (“That craps game is crazy!”)


Reader Review: Wind Creek Wetumpka (Alabama)

Overall Score: 100%


Property Overview:  Wind Creek Wetumpka is a luxury resort style property located about thirty minutes northeast of Montgomery, Alabama. Featuring almost 300 rooms and suites, an awards winning pool and outdoor bar area, fine dining and of course, a casino, this is a great getaway for central Alabama. The casino features over 2,500 electronic games in a contemporary and comfortable setting.