(West Memphis, Arkansas) Southland Casino Hotel, located in West Memphis, Arkansas, offers an exhilarating experience for both casual visitors and avid gamblers with 2,000 slot machines and numerous live table games. Guests can enjoy top-notch dining at several on-site restaurants, and the luxurious hotel features modern amenities and comfortable accommodations.

The summer heats up with two free outdoor concerts featuring Brittany Spencer on May 18 and West Memphis’s own, Cecily Wilborn on May 25. Both shows are free and open to all ages and will take place in an air-conditioned tent for premium accommodations for the night.

Brittany Spencer was featured on Beyonce’s new country-inspired album “Cowboy Carter” and listed as Rolling Stone’s “25 artists to Watch”.

Cecily Wilborn offers a special blend of country, soul and R&B and will be promoting her new album, “Kuntry Gurl Playlist”.

For more information, visit SouthlandCasino.com.