Birdies & Blackjack: Top Casino Courses

Casinos are known for providing the best for their guests. If you want decadent dining, you’ll find it at a casino. If you want to relax in a world-class spa, you’ll find it at a casino. If you want to catch a concert, you can do it at a casino. There isn’t much you can’t do when you visit your favorite property, and that includes golf. In addition to all of the other amenities, casinos boast some of the best golf courses in the country that rival the elite private courses that are harder to gain access to play.


A matter of COURSE


HEREâ??S THAT KID AGAIN. Hacking little plastic golf balls around the front yard.

All. Day. Long. If you were Bubba Watsonâ??s neighbor in tiny Bagdad, Fla., in the late 1980s, you likely picked up your share of those plastic balls from around your house. You might have thought the kid nuts for spending so much time on a game like golf.


Golf Tip: Get Fit!

The majority of golfers who buy new equipment do so without getting custom fit. Why? I wish I had the answer. Playing golf with clubs that do not fit you properly is like playing pool with a warped cue stick.  Sure you can still enjoy the game and get the ball in the hole. Some of the better players will even be able to adapt their mechanics to fit the crooked stick. However, any Golf Professional will tell you that it is much easier to play the game when we fit the club to you, not you to the club.

Golf: Shake the Shanks

Who in their golfing career has never hit the occasional shank? After you shank a ball, one of two things happens next. Either you will able to ignore the fact that you just â??hosel rocketedâ?? a ball and will get back to sinking great shots, or you will be unable to overcome what just happened and will continue shanking the ball. The latter scenario is commonly referred to as â??The Shanks.â?

Some golfers can easily shake off a shanked shot, refusing to let it affect their game. I played college golf at Methodist University and a good friend of mine would shank one shot almost every day. The shank would always occur on the range and it would never affect her game on the golf course. And, she was a 4-time Division III National Champion and ranked first in the country for 2 years! However, most people are not so lucky.

Letâ??s look at what the shank really is and what causes it so you can avoid making these common mistakes.


Golf: Swing Flaws and Fixes

When it comes to golf instruction, I firmly believe that every golfer is in need of advice specifically intended to help their individual swing. No two golfers are the same, thus, no two golf swings will be the same. That being said, there are several common swing flaws, each with a simple fix, that I see every day on the driving range. While reading this article, please keep in mind the following quote: â??If it isnâ??t broken, donâ??t fix it!â?