The Holidays, Dixie-Style

THE TEMPERATE, balmy South might not conjure snowy images of Courier & Ives, but at least visions of palm trees and mistletoe, seashells and fireworks may dance in your head. The holiday feast may swap the Christmas goose with sea bass, shrimp and grits, or fried chicken. Colorful peacocks and graceful magnolias donâ??t replace turtledoves and a Douglas Fir, but could be a dandy traditional ornamentation all the same. (more…)

On the Road Again: From Oaklawn to Southland

GAMING AND RACING destinations make great weekend getaways. Thereâ??s the thrill you get when you play and win, which seems to instantly melt away the stress from the past week. Then thereâ??s the abundance of food, which is delicious and filling while hitting the spot.

When itâ??s time to leave, you gather your winnings and head home, but sometimes it doesnâ??t feel like the getaway was long enough. What you need is the excitement gaming provides paired with the relaxation of a scenic destination, a chance to explore the area attractions on a relaxing journey, rather than just a quick getaway. (more…)

Head Out to the Outer Banks

TO A FIRST TIME visitor, the dearth of Southern culture in the Outer Banks in North Carolina is surprising. For generations, local families have survived by harvesting the sea, creating a population of entrepreneurs who tend to think outside the box. Even the local accent is unique to the region. Known as a high-tide brogue, it borrows inflection from the areaâ??s Irish and English roots, with nothing Deep South about it.


Las Vegas – Quick Delights and Sights of Sin City

Las Vegas is a destination that literally has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a great gambling getaway, fantastic food finds or sensational sightseeing and people watching, this is the place for you. We could write for days and still not cover everything this city has to offer.

On a recent visit, we were excited to check out a few places that recommend adding to your next Vegas itinerary. 


2014 Casino Dining Guide

Appetizers…Entrees…Desserts…Hungry Yet?

Casinos in the South take pride in providing their guests with the best, especially when it comes to food. Try not to drool as you flip through the next few pages.

This year’s Dining Guide highlight’s some of the top casino dishes from throughout the region. Whether you are looking for an awesome appetizer or a delicious dessert… weâ??ve got you covered.

Be sure to add these hot dining spots to your next casino getaway.




Chef Nathaniel Winters

IT IS A SAFE BET TO SAY THAT casinos ensure a grand experience for its patrons. From lively croupiers to the vivacious ambiance filled with sounds of slot machines spinning their fate as guests rant and rave, there is no doubt that walking into a casino will entice the desire to roll the dice and chant â??Winner, winner, chicken dinner.â? And with all of this talk of dinner, guests are sure to get hungry, which is great because the casino industry is home to premier restaurants and the some of greatest chefs in the world.