Caddyshack : Big Screen Slot Sensation

CaddyshacCaddyshack_logok is arguably one of the most popular golf comedies in history. The cast of Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase and others combine to offer viewers a look into the country club golf world and appropriately deliver parody after parody referencing everything from bets on the course to caddy swim day in the pool. Slot manufacturer has harnessed the magic of the movie and brought into a Slot Sensation and a favorite in casinos nationwide. You will find humor, movei clips and hopefully a jackpot in this latest and greatest game from Scientific Games. Check it out!

Video Poker Strategy: Are You Playing the Odds?

Video Poker Tip_homepageWeâ??ve all heard stories about players or their friends getting two royals on the same machine minutes apart or some other unlikely gambling events. But can these possibly be true? Absolutely! But, says our video poker expert Linda Boyd, theyâ??re anomalies, not realistic expectations and should never be used to guide your play in video poker. Read more here.

Slots: Put Me In Coach

P29_Boyd Slot Tourname_thumbnailI recently was a guest on Southern Gaming Radio to talk about both video poker and slot tournaments. The host, Southern Gaming and Destinationâ??s managing editor, Joseph Grove, made casino special events sound so tempting that many listeners were champing at the bit to join in. While I wouldnâ??t advise taking WD-40 to spritz the buttons for faster play, there are a few legal things you can do to gain an advantage and really be â??ready to playâ? come tournament day.