G&D’s 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards Revealed!

The results are in…and Gaming and Destinations is excited to announce this year’s Top Casinos for everything from rooms and suites to entertainment and eats! 

This year, our Readers’ Choice Awards had over 30,000 votes from gaming enthusiasts throughout the region letting us know their favorite casinos to stay and play. Check out all of the awards!

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Blackjack: Myths of the Game

It was an unbelievably hot afternoon in the summer of 1968 when the young couple arrived in Las Vegas. It was their first trip ever to this gambling Mecca and they didn’t know what to expect. Certainly the 120 degree temperature was nothing they had ever experienced in their native New Jersey. When they arrived at the Aladdin Casino Hotel, they were taken aback by the elegance of the casino. The adrenaline was already flowing through the young mans body as he couldn’t wait to play blackjack. They agreed that she would stand in the hotel check-in line and he would “check out the casino”.

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Three of A Kind Properties in Alabama

The family of properties under the Wind Creek umbrella includes a variety of amenities and offerings for gaming enthusiasts across the board. Their slogan, “There’s always something extra to do here” certainly fits the bill with three premier properties scattered throughout Alabama. Whether you enjoy their delicious variety of cuisine, amenities to guarantee your comfort satisfaction or the hot action in the casino, you are sure to find your “winning moment” at these winning properties.

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Poker: Smart Play on the Flop

The Lodge at Deadwood Gaming Resort

Playing A-x Suited: Bad Flop
Suppose that a jackal has raised the flop, and you have called his raise with Ad- 5d, and then the big blind calls as well. If the flop comes down Js-Qh-3d and the big blind checks and the jackal bets, fold your hand. You have missed the flop (you don’t have either a pair, a straight draw, or a flush draw); you have only two bets in the pot at this point; and you were the caller before the flop, not the raiser. There is no warrant for getting further involved in this hand.

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Casino Court

Recently I was yakking with a friend about a lost $100K jackpot at a Florida casino when I realized it could have happened to any of us. That’s when it dawned on me that either the casino or the court often makes seemingly illogical and unfair decisions regarding who gets the jackpot cash. While researching this topic, I discovered a few interesting cases of interest I look forward to highlighting in this two part series for Gaming and Destinations.

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Craps: The Sublime Systems of Hedging

Some gaming experts who write books and articles are convinced there is a mathematical way to overcome the house edge at craps. They believe by hedging this bet with that bet they can overcome the edge on both bets and beat the game.

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Ho-Chunk Casino New Hotel Addition Offers a Great Getaway

The Ho-Chunk family of casinos scattered throughout Wisconsin are well-known among gaming enthusiasts for offering a premium, and personal, experience for their customers. Each of the six properties have excellent reputations for their guests and offer great a great player rewards program, winning promotions and entertaining events that always seem to satisfy. We caught up with general manager Fletcher Collins to discuss the exciting property projects and their plan to continuing to deliver a superior casino experience for guests.

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The Evolution of Slot Machines: Then and now

Innovation is a fact of life in today’s slot machine industry. It’s a competitive business, and a game maker who didn’t constantly search for new ways to engage players would languish behind the ever-changing bonus play, sound effects, graphics, jackpot triggers and sometimes even skill-based gameplay offered by others. Slot innovations started with San Francisco mechanic Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell in 1895 and have never stopped.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important slot machines that have led us to the modern era.

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Hot Slots of 2018: The Latest and Greatest

New games, new themes and new ways to play are the life’s blood for the slot machine industry. Every year, hundreds of new games are released, all designed to satisfy player demands for new gaming experiences.

It’s no different in 2018. Game makers have come up with ways to play that are sure to catch your eye and make you want to give them a try. Here are some of the best you’ll see in the coming year from a variety of manufacturers — IGT, Scientific Games, Konami, Everi and Incredible Technologies.

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